Crop Fuel® sprayed on a seed potato crop produces a more consistant size profile.  Planting seed which were grown using Crop Fuel® during the previous season, has also produced better crops. This is the result of a better germination energy and vigor of the seed tuber. Several research trials have shown an improved root system and more sprout weight with Crop Fuel® compared to the control. During the winter of 2010, tubers were tested for vigor and germination energy. The tubers were placed in trays and covered with peatmoss in a dark room for a period of 7 weeks. The tubers which came from the Crop Fuel® treated plots in 2010 produced 44% more sprouts in weight compared to the control.

The seed potatoes (cv. Innovator) were sprayed 8 times with Crop Fuel® during the 2010 growing season. In 2011 these seed potatoes were compared to none treated seed. The treated seed produced more tubers per plant. On average, 1 extra tuber was produced by each plant.