The growing season is usualy not consistent enough for optimal yields. During hot and dry conditions, a plants ability to take up nutrients drops drastically. The same phenomena occurs during excessive wet conditions. Under all extreme weather conditions the crop is under stress and will not develop properly. Research has shown that a good foliar fertilizer program can significantly reduce the stress of the crop. The uptake of nutrients is 5x more efficient through the leaf compared to soil applied nutrients. Crop Fuel® is a foliar fertilizer which not only supplies the plant with macro- and micro-nutrients but also enhances the growth and development of the root system. A better root system improves the uptake of available nutrients.

Advantages of Crop Fuel®

  • Quantitative and qualitative higher yields
  • Crop Fuel® works proactively
  • Crop Fuel® can be applied on many different crops
  • Crop Fuel® has a unique formulation; the farmer does not have to ask himself what the crop needs every week
  • Crop Fuel® is formulated in such a way that it is often all a crop needs during the growing season
  • Crop Fuel® helps with the “production” of a healthier plant which is more resistant to disease and less susceptible to bacterial and fungal attacks